The Project

Energy retrofit

of a Multifamily building in Tavros

Tavros Project
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Hellenic Passive House Institute (HPHI), having extensive experience in similar projects, is going to implement the second pilot project "Passivistas: The Tavros Project" within the framework of the RINNO program and in collaboration with the Municipality of Moschato-Tavros and Greenpeace Greece.

The pilot project concerns the energy retrofit of a multifamily building in Tavros, following the Passive House Concept. The whole project will operate as a living lab with continuous non-formal education activities, information and dissemination actions.

Energy retrofit

the right thing, at the right time

During the last decade various state subsidy programs have been operated, however it is not yet made possible for multifamily buildings to be efficiently included in these programs.

The main issues, among others, are the inability of the apartment owners to reach an agreement concerning a holistic retrofit plan, the restrictions from the urban legislation, the lack of flexible funding tools and other financial motives. Finally, the most important issue that we need to tackle is the engineer’s lack of education and knowledge concerning energy efficiency in building, the performance gap of the national energy simulation tools and the overall lack of information of the citizens/users.

In this context, knowing that 80% of the existing buildings in the urban centers will still exist in 2050, HPHI strongly believe, that it necessary to intervene with an important initiative that will create a reliable roadmap and a retrofitting scheme for multifamily buildings, in order to improve the existing building stock and to contribute to the goals of carbon neutrality until 2030.

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